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Alpine A110 (2017 on), Powerflex Lower Torque Mount – Fast Road/Track PFF60-8026P

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Product Description


A110 (2017 on)

Powerflex Lower Torque Mount – Fast Road/Track


PFF60-8026 Lower Torque Mount featuresa CNC machined and laser-etched aluminium bracket, combining ourPurple 80A and Black 95A durometermaterials and is recommended for more heavily tuned road or occasional track cars. Reducing engine/transmovement by way of an upgradedtorque mount has the following benefits: Sharper throttle responseMore accurate gear changesReduced wheel-hopImproved TractionMore balanced on/off throttle handlingThe two-part composite design of the larger bush improves the mount’s durability in high-power applications, whilst still limiting vibration and reducing excessive stress on the powertrain. Get the power down faster and make gearshifts that bit crisper with Powerflex.

Diagram Position: 26

Quantity of Bushes Included in Price: 1

Replaces OEM Number: 112383734R

Replaces OEM Number: 1123800Q0A

Collection: ROAD Series for road and fast road use

Powerflex Warranty: Lifetime