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Alfa Romeo MiTo (2008-2018), Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bush Caster Offset PFF80-1102

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Product Description

Alfa Romeo

MiTo (2008-2018)

Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bush Caster Offset


PFF80-1102 Front Arm Rear Bush Caster Adjust has been designed around our unique on-car adjustable Nylon/Polyurethane Ball-Joint combination for more direct steering input and improved cornering and braking. The offset bore allows for +/- 0. 5-1. 0 of caster adjustment with the supplied spanner, to assist the fine-tuning of the side-to-side caster settings. Vertical stiffness is increased considerably over standard rubber. Suitable for Road and Black Series applications. Using aBlack 95A durometerball moulded toan all-new offset stainless steel sleeve andmachined nylon cups,this new and improved design maximises performance and articulation whileretainingthe benefitof on-car adjustability. All come pre-assembled with the ball and cups encapsulated within a plated metal outer shell secured by snap-rings and now include a 27mm spanner for adjustment.

Diagram Position: 2

Quantity of Bushes Included in Price: 2

Replaces OEM Number: Fiat/Alfa Wishbone: 51895366 / 51895367 / 51783056 / 51783057 / 51892272 / 51892273

Replaces OEM Number: Vauxhall-Opel Wishbone: 352864 / 13167940

Collection: ROAD Series for road and fast road use

Powerflex Warranty: Lifetime