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Alfa Romeo 166 (1999-2007), Powerflex Wheel Mount Guide Pin PF99-512-125

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Product Description

Alfa Romeo

166 (1999-2007)

Powerflex PowerAlign Wheel Mounting Guide Pin


Available singularly to suit a specific vehicle or as a handy 4-piece workshop kit, our new PowerAlign Wheel Mounting Guide Pins are designed to allow the safer mounting and easy alignment of heavy alloy wheels on most common cars to use lug bolts. The individual pins come supplied in a reusable twist tube and the 4-piece workshop kit is supplied with a steel storage case for pride of place in your toolbox. Simply thread the appropriate pin size into one of the bolt holes on the wheel hub. The wheel can then be lifted and placed on the guide pin, and easily slid into place on the hub; keeping the bolt holes aligned for other bolts to be inserted and tightened. This reduces the awkward and back-straining process of holding the wheel in place with one hand whilst lining up and threading in the first bolt; thus, reducing the risk, hassle, and strain of mounting wheels. Proven using simulated and real-world testing, the new mounting pins use high-strength CNC-machined AISI 303 Stainless Steel, some 50% stronger than plated mild steel, to ensure durability and resilience in a workshop environment, and are supplied with colour-coded 3D-printed protective sleeves for ease of identification and anodised 2011-T6 aluminium caps to absorb knocks and prevent damage to the wheel, unlike others on the market.

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Collection: ROAD Series for road and fast road use

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